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earn a 50% share of the actual profit from each transaction you facilitate


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A Sustainable Recurring Revenue Stream

At Your Card Partner, our mission is dedicated to assisting and empowering our partners in establishing a sustainable and consistent stream of recurring revenue. We aim to equip you with a business model that fosters long-term security, opportunities for revenue growth, and profitability, all driven by principles of transparency, integrity, and collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Your Card Partner

Your Card Partner was established because of our extensive experience as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) in the Point of Sale (POS) market, where we gained in-depth understanding of the operational tactics of other payment processors. Often, these processors pledge a 50% profit share, yet they frequently mark up the buy rate, sometimes by as much as 25%, before the split occurs. Additionally, they tend to claim your referrals as their own clients, discontinuing your residual payments if you don’t supply new referrals or if your clients choose different processors. In some cases, they might even allege that you’re soliciting and sever ties with you entirely.

At Your Card Partner, our approach is fundamentally different. We prioritize transparency in our pricing and profit sharing and acknowledge that your referrals are indeed your clients, not ours. Our focus is on helping you develop a portfolio that not only sustains your business but also provides security for you and your family. You retain ownership of your portfolio, with us as your supportive partner.

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with your card partner

• You will earn a 50% share of the actual profit from each transaction you facilitate. Unlike others, we don’t increase our buy rate before splitting the remaining profit. Instead, we transparently reveal our true costs and equally divide the profit with you

• You have the freedom to refer as many or as few clients as you choose. We don’t impose minimum referral requirements or adopt a carrot-and-stick tactic. Our trust is in your decision to bring us more business, stemming from our commitment to looking after both you and your clients.

• You are not obligated to work exclusively with us. You have the flexibility to collaborate with other processors if you prefer. However, we believe that our competitive pricing, exceptional service quality, and strong customer relationships will make us your preferred choice.

Your portfolio is yours for life. As long as your clients are processing with us, they remain your accounts, regardless of whether they change POS dealers. Additionally, you have the freedom to transfer, sell, or pass your portfolio on to your family. It belongs to you, not to us.

•  You have the option to consider a buyout opportunity. At any time, you can choose to sell your portfolio to us.

•  You have the choice to participate in the pricing of the transactions you submit. Simply provide us with your prospects current statement, and we will disclose the potential profit for each deal. You can instruct us to make price adjustments according to your preferences, ensuring that you are always well-informed and in control of the process.

•  The decision to include or exclude an early termination fee (ETF) for your clients is entirely in your hands. We understand that ETFs may not be suitable for every situation, but sometimes they can be necessary. You have the discretion to choose whether to implement an ETF on a case-by-case basis for each deal.

•  You can expect to receive your residuals, along with comprehensive reporting, towards the end of each month, covering the previous month’s activity.

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Joining Our Referral Partner Program

Provide your own support

You are responsible for providing POS support to the client, which includes managing the gateway and pin pads.

Pricing Merchant Services

Please inform us of your desired level of involvement in pricing merchant services agreements for your clients.

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Partner Program Agreement

Simply sign our straightforward and non-exclusive partner program agreement.

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